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Store rules


This internet store is operated by:

OneTrade s.c. M.Górski, M.Wróblewski     
Śmiecińska 17, 06-400 Ciechanów     
NIP: 566-201-61-26


1. All4Store, hereinafter referred to as the “Store”, conducts retail and wholesale trade of the product
range available at the Store, over the Internet network.

2. The information published at the Store’s website do not constitute an offer as defined in the Civil Code.
Product descriptions and prices constitute commercial information. While submitting an order using forms
available at the Store, the Customer makes a purchase offer on the terms specified in the product description.

3. The prices of products available at the Store’s website are gross prices (including VAT).
The prices specified are expressed in Polish zlotys and they do not include the costs of product shipment,
which are stated separately in the order form.

4. The price visible at the Store next to the product applies until all stock of the product is sold off.

5. Orders are accepted and submitted in the Polish and English language.

6. The Store reserves the right to change the prices of products offered and to introduce new products
into the offered product range, conduct and cancel promotional campaigns at the Store’s website, and to
introduce modifications therein.

7. In case of a product sale, a certain quantity of products is designated and the sale will be performed
in compliance with the sequence of received orders until the stock covered by the sale is sold off.

8. Promotions at the Store may not be combined. In case of discounted products, no further discounts
are considered.

9. The Store does its best to assure that the products visible in the Store’s offer correspond with the
actual stocks of the Seller.

10. In case of unavailability of all or some of the products ordered, the Seller notifies the Buyer
immediately and, if payment is already made by the Buyer, the Seller returns the sum
obtained from the Buyer.

11. By submitting an order at the Store, the Customer declares to be acquainted with and accept
the provisions of the rules applicable at the Store.


1. An order can be submitted at the Store by completing the order form available at the Store’s website.

2. The Buyer is obliged to provide correct personal information.

3. The prerequisite for fulfilment of the order is correct completion the order forms
at the Internet Store’s website.

4. The Store does not fulfil orders, and orders obtain the status of a “cancelled” order, in case of:

a.  Incorrect or partial completion of the order form or failure to confirm orders;
b.  If payment of the full order amount is not booked within 5 days, unless cash on delivery is selected;
c.  If shipment is not collected by the Buyer.

5. An order may be modified or completely cancelled. To do so, please send an e-mail to sklep@all4store.pl

6. The following payment methods are accepted at All4Store:

a.  Remittance to the bank account – Santander Bank Polska S.A.
     Account number: 78 1090 2604 0000 0001 3257 1990 (PLN)
     Account number: 02 1090 2604 0000 0001 3332 2877 (EUR)

b.  Instant payment – przelewy24.pl (exclusively for residents of Poland),
c.  Payments for foreign shipments are accepted subject to prior bank account or credit card payment.
     Payment by means of a credit card takes place exclusively via PayPal.
     Information is transmitted over a secure and encrypted connection.
d.  Cash on delivery (exclusively for residents of Poland).

7. In case of cancellation of a transaction due to failure to collect the shipments
(returns of shipments)
or failure to receive payment into the bank account,
the Customer’s account is blocked and the Customer’s
IP is added to the black list.


1. Products are shipped within 5 business days of booking the payment.
The Customer is notified of shipment
by means of a separate e-mail.

2. In case of possible delivery delay – the Seller notifies the Customer of the situation.
In that case, the Customer may cancel the order.

3. Shipments are handled by companies:


4. The cost of delivery is calculated automatically depending on the size
and weight of the products purchased.

5. Products are sent to the address specified as delivery address, stated in the order form.

6. Couriers make three attempts to deliver the products to the addressee on a day-after-day
(during a business week). Details concerning delivery of shipments and general terms
of service are
available at the websites of particular forwarders.

7. Failure of the Buyer to collect the parcel and return of the shipment to the sender results in:

a.  Charging the Customer with the costs related to return of the parcel to the sender and
     its re-sending
in compliance with the regulations (return charge + re-sending charge)
     if the Customer instructs the
Store to re-send the parcel and agrees to collect it;
b.  Charging the Customer with the costs related to return of the parcel to the sender
     (price for sending the parcel) – if the Customer resigns from the order and does
     not instruct the Store to re-send the parcel.


1. Product complaints are handled in compliance with the Act of 27 VII 2002 on particular terms
of consumer
sale and amendment of the Civil Code (Polish Journal of Laws № 141, item 1176, as amended).

2. The Seller expresses the decision with respect to each complaint within 14 days.

3. All4Store is not liable for non-compliance of the consumer product with the agreement if the
Buyer knew
of the non-compliance or, reasonably, should have known about it.

4. The Seller does not accept parcels sent back on the cash on delivery basis or sent back
without prior
consultation (without the complaint form sent electronically).


1. A Customer who concludes the agreement remotely may withdraw from it without stating the reasons
of withdrawal, by submitting a respective written statement within 14 days of delivery of the product.

2. The Seller does not accept parcels sent back on the cash on delivery basis or sent back without
prior consultation (without the complaint form sent electronically).


1. By submitting the order, the Customer consents to inclusion of his or her personal information in
Store’s database. Personal information is used exclusively for fulfilment of the orders and,
if the Customer
expresses additional consent, for notification of new products, services or
promotions offered by the Store.

2. The Customer has the right to view his or her personal information,
to correct it and to have it deleted.

3. Personal information provided is stored in compliance with the rules and securities compliant with
the requirements specified in the laws applicable in the Republic of Poland, including:

a.  Act of 29.08.1997 on protection of personal information (Polish Journal of Laws № 101 of 2002,
     item 926, as amended)

b.  Act of 18.07.2002 on electronic provision of services (Polish Journal of Laws № 144, item 1204,
     as amended)

c.  Regulation of the Minister of Home Affairs and Administration of 29.04.2004 on the documentation
to processing of personal information and the technical and organisation requirements
     to be met by equipment
and IT systems used for processing of personal information
     (Polish Journal of Laws № 100, item 1024).


1. Provisions of the Civil Code, Act of 02.03.2000 on protection of certain consumer rights and liability
for losses caused by a hazardous products apply to issues not regulated in these regulations.

2. The court competent for resolving disputes resulting from the agreement of sale is the court competent
for the registered office of the defendant or competent for the place of performance of the agreement.

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