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Privacy policy

The Privacy Policy defines the principles governing collection, processing and use
of personal
information obtained from you by All4Store.com and All4Store.pl
internet store domain address
(hereinafter the “Site”) by company:

OneTrade s.c. M.Górski, M.Wróblewski
Ul. Śmiecińska 17
06-400 Ciechanów, Poland

(hereinafter, the “Internet Store”).

The Internet Store does its best to respect your privacy and protect the personal information
provided during your visit at the Site and shopping at the store, and it undertakes any actions
required to this end.

What information is collected by the Internet Store automatically during your visit at the Site?

The Internet Store does not collect any information automatically, except for the information
contained in cookie files generated during the visit at the Site.

Cookie files are small text files sent by the Internet Store and stored on your computer, containing
certain information on your use of the Site and the Internet Store. Cookie files are used by
the Internet Store for operation of the Site and for enabling provision of relevant information to you,
as well as during the purchasing process, e.g. to remember your purchases.

Cookie files used by the Internet Store may be temporary or permanent. Temporary cookie files
are removed from the computer once the browser is closed, whereas permanent cookie files are
after you leave the Site and are designed to store such information as your password and login,
which accelerates and facilitates using the Site. In any case, you may block installation of cookies
or remove permanent cookie files, using the respective help functions of the Internet browser.
In case of problems, you are advised to use the browser’s help function or get in touch with
the developer of your Internet browser.

In addition to cookie files, the Internet Store may also collect information commonly collected
by Internet system administrators in so-called logs or register files.

Information contained in the logs may include, among others, your IP address, kind of platform
and Internet browsers, Internet provider and address of the site you used to access the Site.
Certain sub-pages within the Site and other means of communication with you may contain
“web beacons”. Web beacons allow obtaining such information as, for example, IP address
of the computer on which the site where the web beacon is placed was loaded, URL number
of the site,
site loading time, kind of browser as well as information contained in the cookies,
to allow evaluation of the efficiency of our advertisements.

The above information will be archived and used for statistical analysis and evaluation
of global traffic of Site users. It will not be combined with the personal information you provide.

Internet Store applies the system of network analysis (Google Analytics), which may be used to create
pseudonym user profiles. To this end, Google Analytics applies cookies. Functionalities of Google
Analytics include evaluation of users use of the Site and improving the functioning of the Service.

The Internet Store collects the information (including the nick, pseudonym and others) of Customers
who voluntarily submit comments concerning products at the site of the Internet Store.

Automatically collected information may be used to analyse Customer behaviours at the site
of the Internet Store, collect demographic Customer information and personalise the content
of the Internet Store’s website.

Automatically collected information concerning Customers submitting comments related to products
may be used to promote the Internet Store or products offered by the Internet Store. Likewise,
comments may be used to promote the Internet Store or products offered by the Internet Store.


How is information collected by the Internet Store upon registration and during your shopping?

The Internet Store will obtain the following personal information from you through the Site and
other forms of communication, in case of purchases and registration process at the Site:

1. surname and first name
2. official permanent residence address
3. mailing address, if different than the official residence address
4. e-mail address
5. telephone number

Provision of the above information is voluntary, but necessary to register and purchase products
at the Site. Customers may themselves change the information provided, in the Internet Store system.
A Customer who opens an account at the Internet Store may request the Internet Store to delete
it at any time. Deletion of the account is irreversible and involves removal of all the Customer’s
information. A deleted account cannot be restored.

Marketing of the Internet Store.

Subject to your consent (newsletter subscription), the e-mail address you provide will be used
in connection with marketing of Site's products. Your consent may be withdrawn at any time.

Customer information is also collected to provide the Customers with trade information as defined
in the Act of 18 July 2002 on electronic provision of services (Polish Journal of Laws of 2002,
No 144, item 1204, as amended), if the Customer consented to receiving the newsletter.

Disclosure of the Information.

In order to perform the agreement, the Internet Store may disclose the information collected
you to the following entities: Opek, Przelewy24, PayU, PayPal. In such cases, the quantity
of information provided is limited to the required minimum. If you wish to withdraw your consent
in this respect, please send respective information to sklep@all4store.pl

Moreover, the information you provide may be disclosed to competent public authorities,
if required pursuant to valid laws.

What kind of cookie files are used by the Site?

Session cookies – valid only while browsing the Store’s website, thus allowing its proper functioning.
They are also used by the server to store activity related information; if the connection with
the server is broken, the User may return to the same place at the Site.

Permanent cookies – these remain on the device after leaving the Store, which means that the Store
may remember User settings during subsequent visits. This makes the Store easier to navigate
it remembers purchasing preferences of the Customer/User.

Cookies of third party entities/companies/advertising companies – these allow adjustment of the displayed
page to the User’s preferences when the User makes a purchase (Google Analytics, Google Adwords).

Technical measures and your obligations.

The Internet Store does its best to secure your information and protect it against third party actions.
We apply any measures to secure the servers, connections and the Site required to protect your
including in particular protection in the form of the SSL personal information security
certificate of
Rapid SSL by GeoTrust. Any connections involving electronic payments performed
by Customers,
if this option is selected, will be made over a secure connection.

The measures we undertake may, however, turn out insufficient if you do not observe the security
rules yourself. In particular, you must keep secret the login and password to the Site and refrain
disclosing them to third parties. Please remember that the Internet Store will not request
to submit them, except while logging to the Site. To prevent unauthorised use of your
please log out when you wish to leave the Site.

How can you exercise your rights?

You have the right to view and edit your information at any time at the Site, after logging in using
your e-mail address and the password. If you forget your password or in case of other logging
please contact us at: sklep@all4store.pl

You have the right to request the information we have on you, the right to request us to change,
block and delete the information, as well as the right to correct errors, supplement or update your
information. Moreover, you have the possibility to object against the processing of your personal
information in marketing purposes. To do so, please contact us at: sklep@all4store.pl

Other websites.

Links to other sites may appear from time to time within the Site. Such internet sites operate
independently from the Site and are in no manner controlled by the Internet Store. The sites may
their own privacy policies, which you are recommended to acquaint yourself with.
The Internet Store
is not liable for the principles governing the handling of information at those sites.

Questions and reservations.

The Internet Sites reserves the right to amend this Privacy Policy, which will be notified to Customers
of the Internet Store at the website of the Internet Site.

Any questions and reservations concerning this Privacy Policy may be reported at: sklep@all4store.pl

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